Our goal: We undertake cutting-edge research and develop to provide governments, universities and communities with novel strategies to address the significant unmet needs of marginalised communities.

The key objectives of the IRCOHE.net are:

  • Develop and undertake oral health research into issues of importance to marginalised communities
  • Facilitate the effective delivery of oral health care for societies suffering inequalities
  • Advocate for and develop innovative ways forward for existing and new oral health workers
  • Promote oral health and its relations to general health
  • Give support to general health workers in oral health to advance community development
  • Assist in the development of best-practice principles for the provision of oral health care across societies
  • The principle strategies of the IRCOHE.net are:

  • Undertake research on issues applicable to equity and oral health (including the determinants of oral health inequality)
  • Develop transferable systems to analyse the need for oral health care services based on quantitative data
  • Propagate the results of oral health care research in high quality international literature
  • Provide strategic intelligence for health planning innovation focused on oral-health-related program development
  • Develop community oral health strategies addressing the issues facing communities suffering from inequalities
  • Develop a skilled oral health workforce through high quality global education as a support network for oral health leaders in the fight against inequality
  • Encourage and advance people's involvement in high level training in all areas of dental health
  • Link oral health workers to centers of research and development excellence
  • Facilitate the development of appropriate short courses for oral health care workers to advance equity through health care