--International Research Collaborative - Health and Equity--

About our team

The multi-national International Research Collaborative - Health and Equity develops innovative solutions in health education, research and service to address the global challenges associated with social inequities.

We undertake cutting-edge research and develop to provide governments, universities and communities with novel strategies to address the significant unmet needs of marginalised communities.

What we do

What we can do for you


Are focus is to provide world-class R&D targeted at facilitating improved health in societies across the globe. Key issues include: health policy and strategy; accessibility; workforce: skills mix, education and distribution; and research oriented to health care needs and prevention.

Community Development

Our team works with communities across the world to support the development of advanced systems in health service and education.

At any given time we have projects running in countries on most of the worlds continents providing support to local people to share ideas and opportunities.


We welcome students and membership of the IRCHE. Graduates of the IRCHE become Fellows of the collaborative, joining now some 100 other Fellows in a global network.

Our Fellows take skills and connections and work on projects addressing poverty and marginalisation worldwide.

What we have done


The IRCHE Fellowship program acknowledges the prestigious activities of a limited number of practitioners who contribute to the goals and missions of the IRCHE To receive Fellowship and be eligible to use the postnominals FHE or FHE(Hon) requires application following the process as outlined in the relevant policy.

Get in touch with us

The IRCHE global hub centre is currently at The University of Western Australia, in Perth, Australia. We welcome contact from interested people and groups and have 10 international regional hubs, spread across earth waiting to help.
Please feel free to email us (below).